Stock Watch (MAMEE)

Company: Mamee Double-Decker (M) Bhd

Industry: Food & Beverage

5yr Average ROE: 14.76%

10yr Average EPS Growth Rate: 25.4% 

10yr Average DY: 4.16% 

10yr Average P/E: 9.94 

Dynaquest Rating: 5.5 

Fair Value: RM 4.09

Mamee did well in FY2009 with 86.9% increase in y-o-y profit before tax even though smaller increment of 3.7% in their total sales. The better profit was due to lower costs, better advertising and promotion budget and also lower overheads. The EPS for FY2009 was 28.84 sen and higher EPS is expected in the FY2010.

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