Book Recommendation – I Love Stocks by Pauline Yong

This week, I would like to introduce a very good book to those of you who would like to start investing in the stock market.

For a beginner, I would say that this book is for you. It covers the basic understanding of the stock market as well as crystal clear explanation of the fundamental and technical analysis of a stock. It also includes market analysis and several guides as to the strategies that you can adopt in your trading strategy.

Even though the fundamental and technical analysis were also discussed, I really like the introduction part. By using plain English, the author managed to shed some lights into the minds of those who did not have any idea about stock market investing. She explained the stock market in general, FTSE Bursa Malaysia and its components, as well as how to get started in the stock market.

The strategies given in this book are also great in guiding newbie investors like me to start investing like a pro. I concur that everyone who wanted to invest in the stock market should read this book first before putting your money to work. A small investment like this will go all the way so that you will not lose bigger money in the stock market.

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