-Capital- (Part 1)

So, before starting any investment; be it stock market, real estate, unit trust and even business, an investor must first raise or set aside his capital for investment purposes.

I've heard countless times people said that,"Oh, he's from a rich family, no wonder got so many money to invest" or "My monthly allowance/salary is not enough to cover my expenses, how can I raise so much money for investments?". Rest assured, there is actually a simple solution for this.


Yes, the good old save.

But how?
Yeah, I can imagine how people react to the word save but most of us, including me, have a hard time implementing it. It's true that we are reluctant to part with our hard earned money, but bear in mind if we don't act now there will be no future where we are rich inside it.

I would suggest that every month when we receive our pay, firstly we should take away a portion of it (let's say 30%-40%) and set it aside as a capital for our investment. It may be hard at first, but after a few times it will be a habit. Once you have enough capital, you can start your own investment.

Money will take us only so far. But with strong urge of desire, passion and hunger for more, then only we can bring about to ourselves a better future, hopefully financially free!

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