Book Recommendation - Stock Performance Guide by Dynaquest

Okay, this is a book that I would recommend to anyone who wants to be an investor to have. This book is like your Holy Book in the world of stock market investing. I really appreciate those at Dynaquest for their effort in compiling and publishing these data twice a year.

This book contains the info regarding every counter that is trading in the FTSE Bursa Malaysia, back dated up until ten years ago. You and me can skip the hassle to find historical data and analysis of any stock counter just by referring to this book. You can see for yourself, the vast information contained in this book by looking at the sample page here.

Besides, I just got the latest March 2010 edition today. I will be using it from now on as a reference for the past performance of the stock and hopefully it will help me in finding the 'gem' stocks. I also would like to suggest fellow investors to get a copy of this book as well, so that we can know what we are investing in. You can order the book online by going here.

In the next post, I will start discussing on the technicalities of Fundamental Analysis (FA), one of the two schools of stock market analysis, and the reasons why it is better than the other school of Technical Analysis (TA).

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