Gunung Capital Berhad (GUNUNG - 7676)

Dear readers, it has been a while since my last post. I have been away because of various reasons due to work and personal issues. Anyway, I am now back to blogging, but with a different new concept. This blog will still be on finance and investment issues, but with a zest of my personal interest outside the finance world.

Anyway, today I will be sharing with you guys on what have I been up to these past few months. These are my findings after closely analyzing the development of this company over the last nine months. This is a company which will not be on the radar of most analysts but has a juicy turnaround story.

Prior to September 2010, Gunung Capital Berhad (Gunung) was simply an unexciting latex commodity trading arm for Latexx Partners Berhad (Latexx) as both companies has the same  substantial shareholder, Low Bok Tek (a.k.a. “Robotech”), apparently the wealthiest man in Taiping.
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10 Ways Of Doing Without FDI

A STIR of sorts has been caused by the story that foreign direct investment (FDI) into the country for 2009 fell 81% to US$1.4bil (about RM4.5bil) from US$7.3bil (RM24bil).

But really it should not. If we want higher value-added, then labour-intensive industries are not our target. This is the area which many foreign investors like because they can get tremendous cost savings by using cheap labour in places like China, Vietnam etc.

If greater value-added is what we are after, then increasingly more investments have to be made in the services area – think tourism or education for instance. That does not necessarily need foreign investment – we can use local money.

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How to Find Recession Proof Stocks

Credits to Nilus Mattive

Global shipping is grinding to a halt; consumers are hunkering down again; manufacturing measures are indicating a new slump in activity; and even China’s red-hot economy is now a bit less robust according to Beijing!

In short, now is the perfect time to revisit the areas of the stock market that traditionally hold up best when recessions strike. These are the very same areas that I’ve been emphasizing all along, even during the manic rally, and the very same groups of stocks that you should look at right now as storm clouds roll back over the economic landscape.

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Market Outlook (July 5th - 9th)

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Current Trend : Uptrend

Support 1 : 1303

Support 2 : 1295
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Interest Rate Increase Next Week?

Although Malaysia’s year-on-year (yoy) export growth of 21.9% to RM52.3bil in May fell below market expectations, economists are still positive on an interest rate increase next week.
Reuters poll of 13 economists had forecast May exports to rise by 25.7% from a year earlier. Exports in April had expanded 26.6% yoy.

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Stock Watch (ALAM)

Company: Alam Maritim Resources Berhad

Industry: Oil & Gas

3yr Average ROE: 19.47%

5yr Average EPS Growth Rate: 33.26% 

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Market Outlook (June 28th - July 2nd)

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How to Fully Utilize Maybank ASB Loan

A few days ago, I came across a discussion about ASB loan offered by Maybank. Actually, I have heard about the loan before and it seems like a very good investment for those of you who don't have much capital (like me!) as you don't have to pay lump sum to get maximum dividend. However, I never thought that we can utilize this investment so that we only need to pay the installment for the first year only, and at the end of the tenure, you will get the full amount of the loan.

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